Colin Stein

"Move from knowledge to wisdom"

Colin Stein is a business leader whose passion is to help business leaders make better business decisions. Having built, run and expanded his own business in two different countries, his knowledge of the challenges and skills required are considerable.
Colin started his career after completing compulsory military service in South Africa. He was honourably discharged as a non-commissioned officer after 12 months.


He studied an Accounting Degree part time and worked full time at an international firm of Chartered Accountants thereby gaining practical experience. These experiences led Colin to realise he wanted to apply these skills learnt in a commercial setting. He took the bold move of starting a retail furniture business together with two partners.


Colin and his partners worked for three years to build the business to the point where it was able to be listed on the Stock Exchange as a Public Company. The business quickly grew to be a Top 100 Listed Company, and over a period of 13 years, a two-fold strategy of organic growth and strategic acquisitions was employed, and the business became the largest furniture retailer in Southern Africa, with 600 stores.


In 1996, Colin and his family made the decision to immigrate to Australia. Drawing on his considerable experience in South Africa, Colin purchased a retail furniture business with a manufacturing division and four retail stores. Employing the skills and expertise gained from his previous business, Colin expanded the business through the opening of new strategic sites. Colin retired from the business in 2010.

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