Jeff Herrick

"“If you take a process approach to leadership development, growth and transformation will take care of themselves, it’s a journey, not a destination”."

Jeff has experience as a Managing Director, Director and Chief Executive Officer with a focus on leadership training and staff engagement programs in Melbourne, Sydney, London and Hong Kong.


He has worked in a diverse range of organisations and industries, both private and public, including Tertiary Education, Local Government, Banking and Finance, IT, Human Resources, Professional Services and Manufacturing. In each case, he has worked with the executive group and their senior management facilitating programs to enrich leadership skills and teamwork within the organisation.


He is currently an Executive Director of AltusQ Asia Pacific, an international business strategy and leadership coaching organisation with over 30 professional business coaches operating across multiple industries.


Jeff’s strength is in supporting individuals and businesses to transform and grow. He has a rare ability to manage the energy of a group while communicating ideas and providing new frameworks for decision-making, which makes him an ideal chair of a 2020 consortium.

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