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9 Ways Getting a Business Mentor Can Help You Succeed

9 Ways Getting a Business Mentor Can Help You Succeed.  Are you struggling to grow your business? Do you want to improve the way you handle your business or career? Do you want to learn from a person who already has some experience in the industry or field? Do you want to learn from a person who already has some experience in the industry or field?

If you have a business mentor, you have higher chances of finding success in your career or business. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of getting a business mentor. Keep reading to learn what they are and why you need them.

1. You Expose Yourself to New Ideas and Thinking

One of the first things you’ll learn when you find a business mentor is to look at the world through a different lens. Mentors will give their mentees new angles, ideas, and approaches. They give their mentees new thinking patterns from the experience built from years of being in the industry.

For example, in Australia, 20% of business startups fail in their first year, while 60% fail in the first three years. One of the leading causes of this failure is the lack of market demand or need for the startup’s products.

A mentor who understands market demand can tell you to abort the idea before you turn it into a startup. They will instead tell you to find a more practical way of starting a business.

2. You Gain Feedback on Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Receiving feedback from a business mentor can hit you hard and make you defensive of your skills. When you enter a mentorship program, you must learn to trust your mentor. Learn to accept that the criticism you receive is to help you transform into your best self.

Depending on your mentor, he or she may focus on your strengths and let you improve them. Other types of mentors may focus on your weaknesses and help you find ways to reduce or remove them. A good small business mentor will focus on both facets of your skills and help you improve both.

3. A Mentor Can Help You Improve Key Skills

Do you want to learn the best way to be a true leader in the workplace? Do you want to become better at communicating your ideas for projects with your team? Whatever skills you need, a SCORE business mentor can instil those skills in you and hone them to your advantage.

A mentor who has been in the same field knows which skills are vital to your role in the workplace. Thus, they will do their best to develop these skills. Unlike consultants, mentors are more hands-on.

4. Expand Your Network

Small businesses need a large network to help their business succeed. Small business owners will do well when they look for a small business mentor to help them out. Even mentors in other fields can help you out in the same way: by expanding your social and business network.

Your mentor may introduce you to another mentor or mentee. Your mentor may even introduce you to his or her business associates or contacts. These introductions are key bridges you need to build if you want to succeed in the business.

5. You Nourish a Trusted, Long-Term Relationship With a Mentor

Some people are lucky enough to find a lifelong friend in their mentors. Their relationship as mentor and mentee won’t change, but they’ll treat each other as friends for years. This opens them both to long-lasting mentor-mentee relationships and career collaboration opportunities.

When you look for a business mentor, it’s smart to find someone with whom you’ll work well. Certain personalities will always clash, so look for a mentor with a personality that won’t clash with yours.

6. A Business Mentor Has the Experience You’re Lacking

Mentors have already “been there, done that,” and probably have a list of things they wished they didn’t do. If you find a business mentor, you’ll hear about these things that they wished they knew when they were younger. A business mentor can help you avoid their old mistakes and make decisions they wished they did.

A mentor helps you gain strategic foresight on many matters in the workplace. Because of their experience, a mentor can also give you perspectives you won’t otherwise see. Use your mentor’s experiences as a guiding light in the dark uncertainty in the workplace.

7. You Increase Your Recognition in the Organization

Mentors don’t only strive to motivate, support, teach, and protect their mentees. The tasks of the mentor include advocating mentees within the agency. This includes putting them forward if opportunities arise.

Your mentor can brief your managers on your status with your achievements emphasized. This way, your hard and/or great work gets noticed. Your mentor can also ensure that you get the credit you deserve and don’t fade into the background.

8. A Business Mentor Increases Employee Retention

Do you feel as though you’ve jumped from too many jobs already and may not land a more permanent one soon? If you have a mentor to help you out during your job, you will likely stay with the company longer. The reason behind this is that tighter bonds in the workplace decrease the turnover rates in it.

Even if a new company tries to offer you a job with “better” pay, you’re more likely to reject it if you have 1-5 work friends. If you have six or more work friends, you’re even more likely to reject new job offers. This is what mentorship does: it helps build a network of close relationships at work.

9. Mentorship Gives People a Chance to Give Back

A benefit of business coaching is that it’s a collaborative learning experience. Being in a mentorship program doesn’t limit you to the role of student and the mentor to the role of teacher. Both parties can learn from each other and inspire new ideas within each other.

You also have a chance to expose your mentor to new contacts and learn new business strategies. This two-way learning grows into a more organic and stronger relationship. It can also improve your confidence in teaching, and it’ll get you to consider mentoring in the future.

Reach Your Greatest Potential With Business Mentorship Training

Lead your company to success by hiring a business mentor to help you through the process. Have a handle in the field you’re working in, and watch your business thrive today!

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