2020 Collective | The Business of Building Trust

2020 Exchange will gather CEOs and business leaders for a morning of insightful discussion at the 2020 Collective | The Business of Building Trust on Thursday, 31 January in Sydney and via videoconference to Melbourne.


Customers, employees, investors and regulators are looking at businesses differently before making decisions, creating shifts in the market. As stakeholder expectations increase, it is important for CEOs and business leaders to build, maintain and rebuild trusted relationships.


The morning’s discussion will explore the decline in public trust and the impact on business; the role of business leaders in building trust; and how leaders and companies can strengthen stakeholder relations to meet increasing expectations.


Insights and perspectives will be shared by business leaders and experts including:


Ian Elliot, Consortium Chair, 2020 Exchange


Martin Blake, NSW Chairman, KPMG


Michele Levine, Chief Executive Officer, Roy Morgan


Richard Boele, Partner, KPMG Banarra


The 2020 Collective is a unique opportunity for the 2020 Exchange community to gather in one conversation and share fresh perspectives on what it takes to be a successful leader.



If you are interested in attending, please email info@2020exchange.com.au.