Across the Table – power is not leadership

NOW CLOSED – By invitation only, Thursday 21 May, 7.30am – 9.30am

As the longest serving Commissioner in the state’s history, Andrew Scipione is renown as a leader with a deep sense of personal responsibility. Holding one of the most challenging jobs in NSW, the Commissioner leads Australia’s largest Police Force with almost 20,000 personnel and serving a population of over 7 million people.

Now leading an organisation on ‘high alert’, the Commissioner will be interviewed by Jenny Brockie, known for her work on the SBS Insight program. Jenny will examine how leadership in policing has evolved and what have been the challenges along the way.

Held in the stunning Boardroom of Credit Suisse, this offers an exceptional opportunity to actively participate in the intimacy of the 2020 Platinum experience by way of involvement in a challenging, interactive conversation around a table with quality business leaders.

Seats limited to 25 only.