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CEO Program

Tap into leading-edge thinking. If you are a CEO, senior executive or business leader with an unquenchable thirst to; learn, dare to be different and a desire to find new ways, then it's time to take a look at our CEO Program. Become part of your very own forum of accomplished leaders who can help you focus on what’s most critical for your long-term strategy and growth.  

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CFO Program

Join an elite group of high-performing CFOs, C-level finance executives, and directors from diverse backgrounds and industries.  Improve your ability to gain alignment between executive leadership and your team while making a more powerful impact on your company.

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CCO Program

For Chief Commercial Officers, Sales and Marketing Executives. Now more than ever before, the pressure is on Commercial, Sales and Marketing Executives to perform.  The CCO Program is a learning platform aimed at improving your ability to drive revenue growth, transform your sales function by designing strategy, aligning leaders, developing capability and culture, and embedding better ways of working.

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SBO Program 

For Small Business Owners. With the help of a peer advisory forum and executive coach and mentor (Chair), you can identify your blind spots, avoid pitfalls and make better decisions that will grow your business faster and more strategically.

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3 Rs Program 

Reboot, Rebrand, Rebound!

Have you stopped being the architect of your career and become a victim?

The reality is that at some point in most senior executive’s vocations, they need to pivot and potentially reinvent and relaunch their career. This can come about by changes in circumstances within or outside their control. Changes in the company dynamic, ownership, strategy, politics or performance or the way they are viewed by their board or CEO, following unfavourable outcomes, can all result in a change to the executive’s appetite and enthusiasm to continue in this role or this company. Their attitude shifts from loving work to ‘just turning up and going through the motions because I need the money (and maybe it’s too late for me to find alternative employment, so I’ll suffer in silence and hope I don’t get fired before I can afford it)’.

The 3Rs Program is designed to be a circuit breaker in the lives of those who confront the above situation allowing you the confidence to successfully pivot into a new role or company or career.

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Australian Growth Company Awards

Benefit from being part of the Australian Growth Company Awards:

     - Gain industry recognition for high growth rates, innovation, integrity, contribution to the community and sustainable growth
    - Raise your business profile through positive media exposure and publicity
    - Connect meaningfully with other successful industry leaders
    - Attract interest from potential investors and business partners  

Ready to "celebrate excellence in the mid-market?  If that's the case, we encourage you to check out the Australian Growth Company Awards.

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2020 Orchestrate 

Looking for a subject matter expert to assist your business?  Look no further. This program is for progressive industry leaders, to help you develop relationships, grow your business, enhance your exposure, and sharpen your leadership skills so you are positioned for greater success.

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Are you ready to become a more effective leader, creating powerful results for you and your organisation whilst overcoming the isolation often felt at the top?

We have everything you need to succeed in the 21st-century business world.  Network with leading CEOs, senior executives, and business leaders. If you're ready to gain new insights into what will make you into an inspiring and effective leader, consider joining 2020 Exchange.  

Feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions about our programs and how to make the most of 2020 Exchange for your business future. 

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-Tom Davey-

“While it’s always tough to drag yourself away from the business to attend such an event… I find a bit of distance and perspective brings me back to the office with new insights that impact both future strategy and execution.  I’d recommend attending for this reason and the new, valuable connections that are created.”

– Tom Davey, CEO GoGet CarShare

and 2020 Exchange Consortium Member


-Stella Petrou Concha-

“I just wanted to drop you a note and commend you on a sensational session yesterday. Feedback from my group was very strong. I personally learnt a lot and will be writing a blog  on my learnings…  Our programs do so much more than just facilitate a conversation around leadership. It changes lives and positively shifts people into a positive zone in life.”

Stella Petrou Concha, Co-founder & CEO, REO Group

and 2020 Exchange Consortium Chair 


-Deborah Hutton-

“It was a great privilege to be included in today’s session and I found it thoroughly entertaining, enlightening, informative, frightening and obviously quite topical. Michael Pascoe was at his cheeky best and Graham Bradley’s thoughts and perceptions across all sectors of business was engaging. The calibre of guests invited was second to none and it was nice to make some new connections…”

– Deborah Hutton, Founder, Balance by Deborah Hutton

-K Boundy-

“I thoroughly enjoyed the quality of the panel and the content of the conversation. The 2020 Briefings are always a great way to stay fresh, relevant and agile.”

– Kenneth Boundy, Chair of Pulse Australasia, 

Former MD Tourism Australia, CEO Goodman Fielder Asia, NED Go Foundation, et al.

-D Mortimer-

“Thanks for including me in the session. I was extremely impressed by your panel who got through a mountain of work and in a constructive and businesslike manner. You had a good mix of members which was well chaired. Each member had a useful contribution to make and they left an image of professionalism. I look forward to the next 2020 Exchange Briefing. Well done!”

David Mortimer AOChair of Opera Australia,  

Director of Petsec Energy, MySale Group and the Australian Schoolboys Rugby Foundation,  

Former MD & CEO TNT Limited Worldwide, Chairman of Leighton Holdings, Australia Post,  

Sydney Airports, et al.  



-Julian Townley-

“From my perspective and from what I garnered from those around me it was a great success and personally I got huge value from the session… This type of format has real depth and value and is a unique opportunity for those that attend… Peter’s capability as a host both in presentation and subject matter experience was clearly evident and respected by the guest and elevated the premium nature of the event… Well done guys. Look forward to the next one.”

– Julian Townley, CEO & Founder, Red Engine

and 2020 Exchange Consortium Member


-Rod Bland-

“…thanks for having the courage to create 2020exchange and for the opportunities to meet and be inspired by others that is has created for me…I hope the organisation continues to grow from strength to strength and also continues to provide the same value to the rest of the members as it has to me this past year.”

– Rod Bland, CEO and Founder, 


-Andrew McEvoy-

“Thanks so much for including me in the breakfast this morning with David Murray. I found the interview and the morning insightful and worthwhile. It is great to hear from people with such great experience who can articulate things well. He is truly wise and the country could afford to listen to him even more than we already do.”

– Andrew McEvoy, Managing Director, Fairfax Media


-Joseph Rizk-

“Top session… well done to the 2020 team. The Across The Table event was brilliantly organised. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with the other CEO attendees and garnered fantastic insight and ideas from the event.”

– Joseph Rizk OAM, Managing Director and CEO, Arab Bank Australia

and 2020 Exchange Platinum Associate


-Joseph Murray-

“Enjoyed the session this morning. The conceptual framework and strategies around personal branding & the art of influencing was excitingly simple. I take away with me… “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind” and that with positive discipline and focus everything is possible.”

– Joseph Murray, Managing Director, Trippas White Group

and 2020 Exchange Consortium Member


-Lisa Claes-

“I really enjoyed hearing Ted Pretty’s story… what an impressive executive! He both validated and challenged my thinking on a few things.”

– Lisa Claes, Executive Director, Customer Delivery, ING DIRECT


-Stephe Wilks-

“An event that was very well put together, with a great group of people, and what turned out to be an excellent conversation. I confess that I was ready to be somewhat cynical about the prospect of an open and forthright discussion, and was very pleasantly surprised.”

– Stephe Wilks, Chairman, Bulletproof Group Limited


-Daniel Davis-

“Last week’s meeting was seriously awesome – the best I’ve ever experienced anywhere. I believe it’s a true credit to our Chair’s involvement, and also our group becoming in tune with one another.”

– Daniel Davis, CEO, Gallop Solutions


-Steve Hui-

“It’s a pleasure to be part of my group.  I’ve felt I’ve grown in every aspect since I started and my Chair’s leadership in our group has contributed in a significant way.  I look forward to our next meeting as we ‘DO’ more of every-thing in every-way.”

– Steve Hui, CEO & Founder, iFLYflat

and 2020 Exchange Consortium Member 


-Cynthia Payne-

“I joined 2020 earlier this year and could not be happier. The combination of stimulating speakers and thoughtful focused content/discussion means I get a half day each month to reflect and boot up my focus to be the best CEO I can be. I highly recommend the process and the experience – especially for those who like me are leading through complex change that requires ‘A’ game every day.”

– Cynthia Payne, CEO, The Summit Group of Companies


-John Crothers-

“The meeting exceeded my expectations! The candid & honest nature of John O’Neill was both insightful & inspirational.”

– John Crothers, Regional Director, Abbott Diagnostics

and 2020 Exchange Platinum Associate


-Mark Rantall-

“With the amount of things I go to and organise I have become hard to impress. David, I am impressed. What an outstanding initiative today’s session was. Truly unique and one that exceeded my expectations. I had been looking forward to attending and the combination of interest factor together with a learning exercise was excellent and didn’t disappoint.”

– Mark Rantall, CEO, Financial Planning Association of Australia


21st century leaders need a new kind of stimulus.

We harness decades of experience, insight and wisdom and align you with the right people. Leadership development starts with being challenged by your peers in a safe trusted environment.

2020 Chairs comprise of world experienced CEOs who have achieved outstanding success in their own fields of endeavour. These extraordinary people guide and share through the art of questioning. They facilitate 'must-have' conversations which act as a catalyst for change in your day to day and long-term decision making.

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21st Century Leadership

To be extraordinary, today’s leaders need to develop a stronger sense of self awareness and a deeper understanding of how to connect with those they lead, and those they wish to attract, engage and keep loyal. 2020 was created to inspire the insightful and fresh perspectives that lead to leadership development and success.

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World experienced chairs

2020 Chairs guide learning that leads to new and innovative thinking

Experiential learning

Accelerated development that comes from the first hand experience of others

Results focused

Applied personal transformation that yields performance improvement

Expert resources

Accelerate progress in key aspects of your business

Deeper analysis

Grounded questions spark conversations that lead to effective change

Exclusive & influential

Invite only access to a safe haven where you have your own personal advisory board

Fresh perspectives

Peer based learning exposes CEOs to innovative methods and new thinking

Inspiring environments

Time spent away from your business, working on it and not in it, yields the greatest results

Development hours

2020 learning activities are eligible for continuing professional development hours (CPD)


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