Across the Table – game of catch up; an inside story into transforming organisations & creating a legacy

By invitation only, Thursday 22 May, 8am – 9.30am

– NOW CLOSED, due to popularity, contact Renee Sargent on 1300 550 618 for details on the next session in August

John, who is currently Chairman of the Echo Entertainment Group, led the revolution of Australian sport into its most successful and financially prosperous period ever as Chief Executive of Australian Rugby Union and Football Federation Australia.

John will be interviewed by Michael Pascoe, one of Australia’s most respected economic commentators, who will draw out perspectives around the diverse industries of finance, sport and entertainment. In particular, how John realigned organisations such as Australian Rugby Union by changing the culture, building bridges and engaging the community. Michael will explore elements of vision, strategy and people, and the crossover between a sporting organisation and a traditional corporate business.

Held in the stunning Boardroom of Credit Suisse, this offers an exceptional opportunity to actively participate in the intimacy of the 2020 Platinum experience by way of involvement in a challenging, interactive conversation around a table with quality business leaders.

Limited to 25 seats only.