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As public distrust rises, societal values are declining and culture is increasingly under the spotlight. To understand what drives a company’s behaviour, stakeholders are looking at the relationship between culture and risk. For business leaders today, Cultural Capital is a “must-have” and the 2020 Briefing will explore how to build a culture underpinned by core values, hearing from business leaders and experts including John Cracknell, former Managing Director ANZ, Walt Disney, Laura Durkan, General Manager – Corporate Strategy and Culture, Richard Crookes, Edward Fong, Managing Director ANZ, Ubisoft, Stella Petrou Concha, Co-Founder and CEO, REO Group and Peter Griffith, Consortium Chair, 2020 Exchange (Facilitator).

31 January 2019 - The 2020 Exchange Community will come together for a morning of insightful discussion at the 2020 Collective: The Business of Building Trust.

9 November 2017 - BY INVITATION ONLY - Holly Kramer is the Deputy Chair of Australia Post and a Non-Executive Director on the Boards of Woolworths, AMP Ltd. and 2XU, amongst others. In conversation with Jenny Brockie, we will examine Holly’s ability to leverage her diversity of experience to drive change, culture and strategy across organisations and Boards.

31 August 2017 - Ignoring mental health is costing Australian businesses $48.9 billion per year in lost productivity according to recent research. As a leader, how do you create an environment that both supports mental wellbeing and drives commercial performance? What are your responsibilities to protect your staff and your business? How can you increase your organisational awareness to better support your team?

22 May 2017 - More than 80% of customer experience initiatives fail, so how can your business create a winning customer experience and significant competitive advantage in this new customer experience economy?

3 May 2017 - One of Australia's most influential disrupters, Vaughn Richtor changed the landscape of modern banking. In conversation with Jenny Brockie, we examined how Vaughn’s ‘finance with purpose’ strategy and customer centric approach drove a culture of innovation and built ING Direct into Australia’s sixth largest bank.

2020 Collective - 31 January 2017 - Is the connected economy really connecting us in ways that add value and deepen relationships, or is it about automation for increased efficiency?

10 November 2016 - In a class of his own, Mark Webster of William Inglis & Son Ltd. epitomises the art of leading change, innovating and taking risks. In conversation with Juanita Phillips, we examined the leadership qualities required to successfully transition traditional businesses into the brave new world.

2020 member event facilitated by Kellie Sloane, Chief Executive Officer of Life Education (NSW).

SYDNEY 17 May 2016 & MELBOURNE 19 May 2016

There is absolutely no doubt that across almost every industry the relationship between buyer and seller has changed forever and will continue to do so. The real question for CEO’s is – what do we need to do about it? Spend a morning with a panel of leading CEO’s who will share their journey to a proven methodology behind a prosperous revenue management model.

14 April 2016 - Enjoy a private tour of the vessel, followed by a fine lunch at Angelo's Italian Restaurant whilst Thomas Karlsson, Vice President of Hotel Operations, discusses the challenges and learning's involved in a brand refit.

28 January 2016 - 2020 members enjoyed being part of the largest curated CEO community conversation for 2016 held at Luna Park. With two interactive panel sessions, members pushed the boundaries on challenging the notion of what is innovation and how other CEOs embrace and nurture it.

19 November 2015 - as one of our most famous entrepreneurs, Lindsay Fox is part of the pack that defined Australian leadership. In conversation with Juanita Phillips, best known for her work on the ABC, we will examine how leadership has evolved within the Linfox organisation and the meaning of community.

20 August 2015 - Commissioner Peter Severin of NSW Corrective Services in conversation with Jenny Brockie.

As Commissioner, Peter Severin has the challenge of overseeing considerable cultural and social reform within Australia’s largest network of correctional services. Participate in the intimacy of the 2020 Platinum experience.

29 July 2015 - this briefing explored how the power and success of a CEO's vision lies in the alignment of their executive team.

Members and guests examined the challenges in building, developing and sustaining executive teams as custodians of your brand. 2020 panellists include Robert Cameron, former MD, KONE Elevators, Mark Elliott, CEO, Northwest Rapid Transit, Edward Fong, MD, Ubisoft, Cate Sinclair, CEO - Northern Beaches, Lifeline and Andrew Towle, MD, Kellogg (Aust). 2020 Facilitator Kellie Sloane.

21 May 2015 - Commissioner Andrew Scipione, NSW Police Force in conversation with Jenny Brockie.

As the longest serving Commissioner in the state’s history, Andrew Scipione is renowned as a leader with a deep sense of personal responsibility. Holding one of the most challenging jobs in NSW, the Commissioner leads Australia’s largest Police Force with almost 20,000 personnel and serving a population of over 7 million people.

25 March 2015 - Captain Kevin Oprey in conversation with Kellie Sloane.

2020 members participated in a private tour of Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 and enjoyed a first class lunch in US celebrity chef Todd English’s restaurant. Over lunch, Captain Kevin Oprey shared his insights with 2020 Facilitator Kellie Sloane on the complexities around life and leadership at sea.

19 March 2015 - Ted Pretty in conversation with Jenny Brockie.

Ted Pretty is a successful and highly recognised corporate executive, currently serving as Group Managing Director and CEO of Hills Limited. With a history of change projects, Ted Pretty will reveal his insights and experience in transforming Australian organisations.

29 January 2015 - 2020 Collective.

To kick off 2015 Consortia meetings, members were challenged in a personal way by getting them to thinking about the type of legacy they wish to create and questioning the defining moments in their journey.

26 November 2014 - 2020 member event moderated by Craig McKell, Chief Executive of RPM Group International.

With the results of the RPM Revenue Performance Survey in, CEOs revealed their pain around sales recruitment, training & pipeline conversion principles. Revenue numbers are harder to hit than ever before with consistent business leads & close results being the number one CEO concern.

13 November 2014 - David Mortimer AO in conversation with Michael Pascoe.

David Mortimer's experience in managing Australian companies in the global economy is enormous. This breakfast will explore how did David guide and transform organisations like TNT, Australia Post and Leighton Holdings to be future ready and succeed on the world stage.

14 August 2014 - Ann Sherry AO in conversation with Michael Pascoe.

Ann Sherry is CEO of Carnival Australia, the largest cruise ship operator in Australasia. The conversation will detail Ann’s success in transforming the cultural and operational aspects of Carnival Australia, and in the process, rebuilding an entire cruising industry in Australia experiencing double digit growth since her reign.

22 May 2014 - John O'Neill AO in conversation with Michael Pascoe.

John O'Neill AO led the revolution of Australian sport into its most successful and financially prosperous period ever as Chief Executive of Australian Rugby Union and Football Federation Australia.

How did John realign organisations by changing the culture, building bridges and engaging the community. The conversation will explore elements of vision, strategy and people, and the crossover between a sporting organisation and a traditional corporate business.

6 March 2014 - Paul McClintock AO in conversation with Michael Pascoe.

As Chairman of Myer Holdings, this breakfast will explore Paul's insights and perspectives around the broader trends affecting retailing; the shift caused by the intersection of changing consumer attitudes and technology, the attempt at marrying the virtual and physical environments, and the continuing economic challenges.

10 October 2013 - Graham Bradley AM in conversation with Michael Pascoe.

Renown professional Company Director and Chairman of several iconic companies, as well as the recently appointed Chairman of Infrastructure NSW, Graham will explore leadership and management, regulatory constraints on labour and capital, and innovation in business processes play in lifting productivity.

13 June 2013 - David Murray AO in conversation with Michael Pascoe

David Murray AO, senior advisor of Credit Suisse, former Commonwealth Bank CEO and Future Fund chairman now in charge of assessing the competing Crown Casino and Echo Entertainment development proposals, in conversation with Michael Pascoe around the debt, the restructuring of the Australian economy and the business landscape – among other things.