Why Today’s CFO Requires Constant Learning

April 27, 2022

Australia has seen steady economic growth for the past 25 years. However, a recent survey says that leadership needs to change. There are many reasons why your management team should undergo continuous learning. It benefits the company and makes the individuals on your team stronger, giving them skills that will last a lifetime. Leadership learning as a CFO is no different. The benefits to the company, the team, and the individual are countless. Want to know what they are? Keep reading to find out! The Role of a CFO in the Future In the past, CFO, or chief financial officer, managed the financial transactions of a business. This included duties such as analyzing the financial health, cash flow, and planning for the…

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What Business Leaders Can Learn From a Leadership Program

November 22, 2021

Do you know that 57 % of employees quit their jobs due to their bosses? Most managers don’t get any training before promotion. Furthermore, most entrepreneurs focus more on making a profit ignoring their leadership style. Good leadership is not only about resource allocation but also motivating and managing employees. Let’s be honest: leadership is not a skill that a person acquires by chance. It’s developed and practised. Having access to a leadership program is the only way to develop leadership skills. Leadership programs focus on enhancing your performance capabilities as a leader. Are you still not convinced why leadership programs are essential? Then, read on to discover more on what you can learn from a leadership program. Important Leadership…

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Avoiding Burnout as a Business Leader

October 12, 2021

While great leadership comes at a price, it doesn’t have to cost you your sanity. No doubt, there’s a boatload that goes into successful leadership — it’s far more involved than just having a few good ideas. It takes perseverance, delegation, late nights, early mornings, and let’s not forget, the willingness to ask for help. Even if you’re the CEO or business owner, you need to prioritise your own mental well-being in order to be the best business leader you can be. This guide on avoiding burnout is here to help you better manage your stress and responsibilities as a leader. What Does Burnout Look Like? Burnout is on the rise. In recent years, it’s become a legitimate issue in…

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7 Effective Ways to Build Leadership Development at Work

September 24, 2021

Effective leadership development can help your team gain new skills and boost productivity. It can increase employee morale, prevent skill shortages and reduce turnover costs. If you’re a CEO, CFO, business owner, managing director, or leader at work it’s essential that you learn how to navigate your team. Keep reading to learn seven effective ways to build leadership in your business. 1. Looking For Leadership Potential in Your Staff Gaining leadership skills is the key to unlocking your business’ potential. You need to obtain the leadership qualities that can keep your company competitive. But leadership development is an investment. Whether you’re investing in you or your employee’s growth, it should bring positive returns. This is why you should track leadership potential in…

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What is Authentic Leadership? How to Lead by Example in Your Business

What is Authentic Leadership? How to Lead by Example in Your Business.  Let’s start with a little quiz: which one are you? A boss or a leader? We’ve covered this topic before on the blog but it’s relevant here too. Answer the following questions? Are you willing to do the most monotonous tasks, if they need to be done? Do you think your employees like you? Do you think they look up to you? Do your employees think you’re approachable and do they approach you with ideas or suggestions? Do you lead by example? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then congratulations, you’re likely a leader and not a boss. A boss, on the other hand, is…

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What Makes an Effective Leader? How to Pick Your Next Team Leader

Is it time to designate a new team leader? What Makes an Effective Leader? How to Pick Your Next Team Leader Not everyone is cut out for being a leader, and that’s okay. Every great project needs people with all kinds of unique skillsets. But what makes an effective leader? How do you pinpoint someone who has those desirable skills? We’re here to offer you advice so you can find the best team leader for your project. We’ll explain how to be an effective leader so you know what to look out for. Keep reading to learn all about the qualities of an effective leader. Integrity One of the first qualities that all good leaders exhibit is integrity. When someone…

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What Do Successful Leaders All Have in Common?

August 7, 2021

There have been many successful leaders throughout history, and they all usually share some common qualities. This is what it takes to stand out from the rest. Successful leaders have courage and vision. They’re tough and often appear fearless but they’re also empathetic and inspirational. A great leader encourages open dialogue and knows how to build trust. There are many different types of successful leaders, from Mother Teresa to Microsoft’s Bill Gates. While some people appear born to lead, leadership is also a skill you can develop and cultivate. Are you a leader? Would you like to be a great leader? Are you wondering how to help others become leaders? Knowing what successful leaders have in common is a step in…

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5 Benefits of Investing in a CEO Program For Your Business

83% of employers state it’s crucial to develop leaders at all levels. You heard that right. Leadership development is a highly attractive feature in most businesses today. Now the question is: Why? Improving leadership skills benefits everyone. For CEO’s, it hones leadership potential that has already been recognised but could use some tightening. For employees at other levels, it encourages a leadership mentality that helps them get promoted. Long story short, people who prioritize leadership development skills produce great work. And that’s what makes a business successful. Read on to learn about the 5 key benefits of investing in a CEO program for your business! What Is a CEO Program? Before discussing the benefits of a CEO program, we should…

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How to Choose the Right Leadership Style for Your Team

May 28, 2021

leadership style

Congratulations: you’re the leader. Whether you’re a CEO, CFO, business owner, managing director, etc, you’ve proven that you possess abilities as the leader of people. But how much do you know about leadership style? The harsh truth is, that though many leaders are good leaders, a lack of communication with their employees means that their leadership ability never gets the chance to shine. While you might be the right leader, if you don’t have the right leadership style, you might never get to show it. So how can you fix it? What can you do if you think your style of leading might not be connecting with your employees? Thankfully, there’s an answer. This article will walk you through the different leadership styles,…

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How to Be a Leader and Save a Struggling Business

struggling business

Turning around a business when it seems to be failing is no easy task. The pressure is on and missteps carry far more weight than most entrepreneurs are ready for. Saving a struggling business takes leadership and good leadership at that. To help guide leaders looking to deal with business struggles, we’ve put together a guide full of actionable advice. With this material in hand, it will hopefully provide some clarity around how to proceed so as to give a business the best chance of bouncing back. Struggling Businesses Have Tough Decisions Ahead Business leadership often involves tough choices and this is no more true than when dealing with a failing business. Often the business model is going to need a radical…

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8 Leadership Qualities You Need for 2021

8 Leadership Qualities You Need for 2021

As we move into 2021, it’s important that we continue to adapt and grow as business leaders. In this article we will explore the 8 leadership qualities you need to adopt this year. Competent leadership is in demand now more than ever. Companies have to find a way of wading through the prevailing economic challenges. Health issues are escalating across teams and it’s harder for companies to maintain momentum. Hudson-Searle, a serial business consultant, says, “Every business has to reinvent. Most of our strategies failed and it’s now a period to reset.” It’s now imperative that we continue to adapt and grow as leaders. The start is to discover our leadership styles. The next thing is to equip you with…

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9 Ways Getting a Business Mentor Can Help You Succeed

February 5, 2021

Business Mentor

9 Ways Getting a Business Mentor Can Help You Succeed.  Are you struggling to grow your business? Do you want to improve the way you handle your business or career? Do you want to learn from a person who already has some experience in the industry or field? Do you want to learn from a person who already has some experience in the industry or field? If you have a business mentor, you have higher chances of finding success in your career or business. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of getting a business mentor. Keep reading to learn what they are and why you need them. 1. You Expose Yourself to New Ideas and Thinking One of the first things…

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8 Proven Tactics On How to Continually Improve Your Leadership Skills

February 1, 2021

Holding a high-profile job is not enough to make you the best possible leader that you can be. In an age of constant, and huge, transformations within the working environment, leadership skills are fundamental to driving a successful business. If you think that there are aspects of your leadership that could do with some improvement, then look no further. In this article, we will show you eight proven ways to boost your skills and become a leader that inspires, motivates, listens, and walks the walk. 1. Think Critically and Creatively The ability to think critically is incredibly valued in the workplace, and in particular if you are higher up in the hierarchy. Higher-profile roles, in fact, require being able to…

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These 6 Leadership Styles Spell Success In the 21st Century

December 29, 2020

Leadership stands out as a crucial component of an organisation’s existence and success. With the current situation, the need for effective leaders becomes even more apparent. A shift within the workforce is occurring globally with 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day. About 48% of the workforce now comprises of millennials, including leadership roles. Now, more than ever, it is critical to engage in effective leadership development. This is the best opportunity for you to step up and lead your organisation. Your starting point is in discovering your leadership style. The following leadership styles can act as a model for you to use. Take note of them while looking for something that suits you and your organisation. 1. Authoritative Leadership To…

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4 Types of Stress You Will Overcome With Executive Peer Learning

December 10, 2020

4 types of stress

4 Types of Stress You Will Overcome With Executive Peer Learning. Stress is something we all experience in our lives now and again. But it’s how we respond to it that determines whether its effects are good or bad. How can stress be good? Well, stress certainly has its place, and it can be used to help us adapt and grow. But too much of it, and the effects can be incredibly detrimental to our mental and physical health, as well as our work. The important thing to realise is that stress can be managed and contained. So, this article unveils the 4 types of stress you might experience in your business, and how you can overcome them in your…

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