Congratulations to the following 2020 members who were winners in the 2017 Australian Growth Company Awards.


Health & Life Sciences Growth Company of the Year Award

Altius Group Holdings Pty Ltd


Women in Leadership Award

Caroline Cuddihy, Sunnyfield


A full list of winners can be found here.


The awards are proudly co-sponsored by K&L Gates, Macquarie Capital, Intralinks, Deloitte, GlobalX, 2020 Exchange and the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCAL).



David Kelynack CEO 2020 Exchange

David Kelynack
Chief Executive

"Leadership is the ability to influence and yield harmoniously a desired outcome."

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Todd Greenberg

"Significant opportunity comes with any challenge, problem or obstacle."

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Gary Flowers OM

Gary Flowers

"Promote curiosity; always be asking “what if” and “why not?”..."

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Ian Elliot

"Profit and culture are friends not adversaries. You don’t have to choose between happy staff and happy shareholders. One feeds the other."

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Megan Foster

"“The most effective leaders are those with one particular key attribute, that of self-awareness. Great leaders know their strengths and weaknesses. They play to their strengths. They are aware of the executive shadow they cast and the impact it has on the people that surround them.”"

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Vaughn Richtor

"The challenge I see for leaders is to encourage people to take advantage of the opportunities they now have to learn more, take on more accountability, make more decisions and get involved in things which they may not have had the chance to before. Give people “the right to fix”."

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Remo Giuffre

"Effective leadership calls for general thinking and the pursuit of diversity."

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Andrew Berriman
Non-Executive Chairman

"Understanding your strengths helps you overcome your weaknesses."

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Glen Campbell

"A great leader is someone who knows how to attract great people to create great things for the betterment of mankind."

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Mark Webster

"There are only two directions you can move in business and life, forwards or backwards. If you are standing still or resisting change – you are actually going backwards as others will inevitably be going forward."

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James Cuming

"Leadership is all about leverage and that starts with an investment in yourself that pays dividends to your team and creates returns for customers"

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Gordon Galt

"Good people are the best resource you can have in the mining or any other industry."

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Andrew Scipione APM

"Power is not leadership, it is humility and performance that set you apart from the pack."

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Stephe Wilks

"Great leaders listen, synthesise and act. Sure, they’re expert in their fields, and they have great ancillary skills to match that expertise, but - crucially - they need to see the world around them with broader eyes than just their own; and then craft that broader knowledge into actions that yield real progress…"

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Colin Stein

"Move from knowledge to wisdom"

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Patrizia Iacono

"Managing an executive office in a way that delivers benefits for the CEO and the business requires management skills that deliver benefits far beyond financial savings."

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Ann Sherry AO

"Be a leader who is prepared to take risks... a leader with certainty who is prepared to back themselves, then people will follow."

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Captain Kevin Oprey

"...experience it and then say if from your own heart..."

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Andrew Mackenzie

"When vital perspectives are drawn out as a discipline, it unlocks the potential. It will provide extraordinary, accelerated outcomes."

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Stella Petrou Concha

"When you succeed, I succeed."

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Juanita Phillips

"You can have it all and keep it all together "

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Paul Lyons

"The success of any business comes from leadership that creates a compelling vision, sound plan and tolerates neither egos nor passengers."

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John O'Neill AO

"A circuit breaker will shift culture... make the tough decisions early on."

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Jenny Brockie

"Curiosity and deep questioning can reveal one's empathy."

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Graham Bradley AM

"Nurture disruptive challenge in your business by reviewing innovation & productivity."

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Ronnie Kahn

Ronni Kahn

" something meaningful for other people."

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Peter Stirling Benson

"“I believe great leadership emanates from the four ‘E’s. Personal energy, an ability to energise others, applying an edge to all decision-making and championing the importance of superb execution.”"

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Ted Pretty

"Leadership is about 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration – in that order."

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John Cracknell

"Create a world class team that assists you to rise to the challenges of your industry."

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Peter Griffith

"“The mind that has the problem usually has the solution – it’s just waiting for the right question.”"

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Don Peppers

"Proactive honesty and flawless execution is the key to unlocking long-term profits"

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David Mortimer AO

"Be a leader who believes in creative, imaginative responses to shape the future of business."

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Lindsay Fox AC

"Leadership education is in life… "

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Peter Severin

" It's not about being tough or weak. It's about being smart..."

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Holly Kramer

"People and culture are critical to business success, especially in the face of challenging business conditions"

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David Murray AO

"Be curious... asking the right questions of your board is paramount."

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