Executive Team

David Kelynack

David Kelynack CEO 2020 Exchange

"Leadership is the ability to influence and yield harmoniously the desired outcome and by placing our emphasis... on people, to develop trust and to ask the right question to elicit the story, we open up our minds to new possibilities.

David Kelynack is the Chief Executive of 2020 Exchange. He draws on over two and a half decades of business experience and entrepreneurism, commencing his career in the Chartered Accounting profession before shifting into Information Technology, Private Equities, and now Leadership Evolution.


As an Executive General Manager at Solution 6 (ASX:SOH), David was a member of the team which took the company to become one of the world’s leading providers of software and business solutions with some of the largest global service organisations as its clients. In 1998, David was appointed Managing Director of Global Technologies & Investments, an investment company providing boutique funding, capital raising, and business advisory services to sophisticated SMEs and start-ups.

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