Stella Petrou Concha

"When you succeed, I succeed."

Stella is the inspiring Co-Founder, CEO, and driving force behind fast-growing brand Reo Group who’s mission is to elevate human potential by working with executives to deliver value for their organisations through leadership, strategy and vision.  Commencing her career in medicine, she quickly realised the doctor-patient dynamic was never going to meet her lifelong ambition to help people on a deeply personal level and instead discovered a powerful alignment with the recruitment and management consulting industry.


Since founding Reo Group in 2009, the company has won numerous industry awards, including BRW Fast 100.


Stella was recently recognised as one of Australia’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs by My Entrepreneur Magazine.  She has led a number of professional consortia over the last 12 years and has been a Chair of a Platinum CFO Peer Advisory Board at 2020 Exchange since 2016.

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